Croom Forest – Twin Ponds Trailhead

Croom Forest – Croom has become one of our favorites. It’s a part of Florida’s Withlacoochee forest and there are many trailheads and access points. For this blog we’ll focus on Twin Ponds trailhead.

The trailhead can be tough to access. The roads in are forest roads and often are full of thick sugar sand. Parking at twin ponds is…interesting. It’s very shaded but it’s many trees make it difficult to park a truck and trailer when it’s busy. We have been to twin ponds many times and have not found any water for washing or drinking. There is a camping area but no stalls. Parking is free.

Despite being tough to acces, this section of Croom is breathtaking. You will see all kinds of wildlife from deer to a range of birds. The trails are very well marked and you could ride for days without seeing the same section of trail. There are many sections where the trees canopy the trail. It does have many hills. We have found several unofficial access points and there are a few ‘bed and breakfast’ type places with bands to stay that allow you access.

This forest is an underrated gem of central Florida. We certainly recommend it no matter how you access it. There are some sections of trail that merge with forest roads so you will occasionally find a truck out there. There is a motor sports section of the park but it is completely separate from the horse trails.

Croom Forest Brooksville Florida

-The Bradys



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