Serenova Tract at Starkey Preserve Land O Lakes Florida 

Serenova is our go to trail. It’s close to our family and home which makes its accessibility very convenient for us.

For starters, it’s large. We still have yet to see it all. Parking is grass and sand. There is water but it is in the camping area and not easily accessible. It is free to park and ride. There is a camping area and arrangements must be made before you go with a ranger.

You will see plenty of wildlife: boar, snakes, deer and much more. Most people stay east of the power lines but lately we have been going west and have found it to be less traveled and quieter.

The trails can be confusing so we recommend going one direction and then turning around and returning the same way when your ready to go back. Once you learn the trails then it is fairly easy to get around. This place is near and dear to our heart. We have hundreds of pictures from our many rides here and we always find more everytime we go.

There is a great “land bridge” over a cypress swamp (think the notebook when they are in the row boat). Pack a lunch and some water….speaking of water, there is usually a lot of water along the trail. Look out for more posts from this trail. Post any questions.

-The Bradys



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